Q?What are the worship services like?

We work hard to make sure every weekend service is creative and relevant to your life.

A greeter will welcome you at the door. If you need help finding our nursery or kid’s service they will help you find your way.

Our music team will begin the service with contemporary music that is inspiring to the soul. Our Pastor will talk about an issue that is relevant today and what the Bible says about dealing with that issue. Click here for the service times and directions.>>

Q?What about my children?

While you are enjoying an exciting worship service, your children will be well cared for in a nurturing, fun, safe and clean, age-appropriate environment. We have childcare for children ages 0 to Pre-K and a fun and dynamic Kids service is available for kids K to 5.

Q?What does your church believe?

Click here to find out.>>

Q?What’s the vision of Northview?

Our Vision is that All people will have a genuine relationship with God, and not about God. Click here to learn more>>

Q?Will I have to say anything, sign anything, give anything, or be singled out in any way?

If you are visiting, we do not ask you to give a dime when we pass the offering plate. We will not make you wear a visitor badge or stand up so that everyone can see you. We would like you to fill out a care and communication card so that we can assist you in your visit at Northview. You will also be invited to attend a First Time Visitors reception after the worship service in the Connections Room located near the Foyer. At this reception you will receive a gift and be able to meet some of the leaders of our church.

Q?How do I get to the church?

click here for the service times and directions.>>

Q?Is there a dress code?

YES, Wear some clothes.

Some people come dressed in jeans and t-shirts while others come dressed business casual. If you prefer to wear ties or a dress, that’s fine too. We want you to feel comfortable while we experience worship together in the House of the Lord.

Q?What do you have for junior high and senior high school students?

We have “Revive Student Ministries” for students from 6th grade to senior high. Click here to find out more about Revive Student Ministries.>>

Q?Do you have a mid-week service?

Yes, at 7 pm on Wednesdays we offer an Adult worship and prayer service and small groups for kids from kindergarten to 5th grade. Children’s ministry for kids ages 0 to preschool is available. Also on Wednesdays, we have Revive Student Ministries for 6th grade and senior high students. The student service begins at 7 pm as well.  We have a service for young adults that meets the second Sunday of every month at 6 pm.  Click here for the service times and directions.>>