What to Expect

  • When you arrive at Northview, you can expect friendly people all around to help you find everything you need.
  • You will find people dressed in a variety of clothing and you can feel welcomed whether you are wearing jeans and a T-shirt or a dress shirt and a tie. What we wear does not define us here.
  • You can also expect to find an assortment of contemporary Praise and Worship music, that will help you in your worship experience.
  • You will find a growing childrens ministry that is geared to helping your child grow in a relationship with Jesus. 
  • You will find people around you that will welcome you in, even if you don’t necessarily believe. 
  • You will find a message that is geared toward taking a passage at a time, and finding out how the Bible is relevant to us today. 
  • You will find a Pastor who cares about you, and who is willing to take time to speak to you. 
  • At Northview, We are a small church, growing as we invest in your life and Helping people everywhere grow in an relationship with Christ.